Sunday, 4 October 2009

In a Fug

I have literally nothing to report this week, nadda, zilch and zip.

In short the turning of the seasons (fashion wise and weather wise) has got me down. Add to that a cold that just won't give up and suddenly seeing the leaves turning brown and fluttering to the ground makes me feel a bit sad for the passing of summer. Now in theory this means I can revamp the wardrobe for A/W '09 - think coats, scarves and a sensible pair of tights - but A/W '09 looks are depressing. Tweed? Again? Grey? Again? Against the dull palate that is London in winter, this is not inspiring.

I think I might start my hibernation now, if anyone needs me I can be found beneath my bright magenta duvet, rereading a summer issue of Elle.