Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Starting Line

Right, well here we are then. Hmm...What to say, what to say? 

Not knowing what to write is probably not the best start to a blog. 

Right, this blog is my little experiment, my little dose of creativity in my otherwise uniformly corporate world. Somehow i've gotten so far in to 'real life', that more and more I feel that i've left my creative life behind. To rectify this i've decided to get back a little balance. 

The balance (why do I feel like i'm quoting a sci-fi film?) will be expressed here. I don't know what it will be yet, how it will grow up, whether it will be a model blog that you're happy to introduce to friends and family, or whether it will leave home shouting that it hates me and I fucked it up for life. 

What it's likely to be is my diary, my random musings, an outlet for my sometimes not so sane behaviour  and crucially it will focus on fashion, style and creativity, whatever shape and form it comes in. 



  1. thrilling start - can i be your anonymous number one fan?
    it's new year's day darling!

  2. Expecting grand things Lovely with your special dose of wit and humour!