Sunday, 1 November 2009

All That Glitters

It's been a while I know. Sorry. Moving and all that.

Speaking of which, as I start to get my life back in order and condemn a procession of empty boxes to the skip, i've decided to that a tidy mind means a tidy closet. Actually, makes that closets. Yep, I have two now. It's what a girl dreams of and they're far from full! To bring good fashion Feng Shui to my new home i've decided to have a clear out of clothes. Those that don't fit (due to shrinkage thank God), or those that for the love of all things stylish really should be consigned to fashion's graveyard, will be Ebayed.

This is a big step.

I purchase from Ebay, I do not sell. This is not because I'm averse to the concept, it's just that I'm scared of it. Like nylon, it's something that happens to other people.  Not being the most organised, or the most business savvy, this is going to be a bit of an undertaking. In fact all the signs are there - a pile of clothes waiting to be photographed and I'm yet to unearth my camera. Odds are looking good for no progress being made for at least week.

In other news, I have been investigating this season's trend for sequins. My conclusions; sadly cheap and cheerful looks merely cheap and sad. Like a discarded Christmas Tree in February. It's got to be upper end of the high street at least to get something of quality.

This from Topshop is lovely.

Unfortunately sequins also add a lot of volume, and being a lady possessed of a moderately fine décolletage and a distinct amount of ass, it's a no go for me. Oh the shame, my inner Gloria Gaynor has been craving them. Finally, less is definitely more with this look, but having said that I hate the tops and dresses that only have sequins in a panel down the front. It looks unfinished, cheap (again) and creates a displeasing dissection of the body.


  1. I saw a girl out on saturday in sequined leggins, black gladiator sky highs and a boy blazer - oh the fashion envy, could i pull this look off? or should i just go for the sparkly blazer instead?

  2. Ma Cherie, with your pins I might have to insist that you do! I need to live the look vicariously through you. That is all.

  3. i'm gonna wait till i am next in your company my sweets for your truthful eye me thinks before i brave it...