Tuesday, 10 November 2009

What Lies Beneath

I've been meaning to mention this for a while, but haven't managed to get around to it. The humble stocking. In short, decadent, naughty, and depending on your mood, damned sexy or bloody hindering awkward. Being of the latter school of thought more often than not, stockings have been purchased (by me and for me), been much admired and then tossed into the back of the drawer to be overlooked in favour of tights for evermore. But, this may no longer be the case. As much as it galls me to say it, Chanel's new muse de jour, Lily Allen has been spotted out and about in the perfect solution, stocking-tights.

See Exhibit A below.

What do we think? C'est chic non?

These bad boys are by Chanel (quelle suprise, as a good spokesmodel she's got to be seen in the brand as often as possible, this is, after all, why they pay her). The beauty is you get the comfort and practicality of a pair of tights, but with naughty, sexy edge of a stocking. Especially if you wear them on display à la Lily. Where stockings on show would look too vaudeville, the stocking-tights tights convey edge with class.  Mixed with this season's tough girl leathers and tailoring, it adds an unexpected frisson and just the right touch of feminine.


  1. damn that lily - she always gives such good leg wear...


    you go stockings n leather, i'll go sailor chic :)

  2. Love this outfit! Again, hard to work if you're not a pop star, likely to cause comment in your local newsagent for example, but I see no reason for you not to go for it!