Sunday, 3 January 2010

In Admiration...

I'd love to regale you with tales of my culturally stimulating Christmas, but I haven't got any. Not one.  Given Erdington was possibly stylish, once, in ou, 1956, it's not surprising. Erdington, for those not in the know is a little suburb of Birmingham. Now, Birmingham is one of my favourite cities, but Erdington and Birmingham, culturally, visually and well, geographically, are actually quite far apart, and never the twain shall meet. My Christmas involved decamping to aforementioned suburb with mother to visit the grandmother. Lovely as she is, we were entering a world of scrabble, boiled carrots and where more than one 'cheeky' sherry is frowned upon. You can of course imagine that I went down a treat as I made my second (very strong) G&T whilst musing on whether one could add sherry as well.

Given my style and culture hiatus, this post is dedicated to a friend, who has style in bucket loads. I'd post a picture of the outfit she wore on Saturday night, but given I'm lamely attempting to be anonymous, and I doubt she'd thank me for it, I won't. Annoying, as in this case a picture is worth a thousand words. Damn principles.

So picture this if you will: 10 denier back seamed tights, high waisted pencil skirt, hitting just below the knee, skimming and flattering my lovely friend's gorgeous figure. Add a split and some pleats and there's a hint of fire under the primness. A tight, high necked, off white lace shirt with ivory camisole completed the look. Demure vixen. Sexy Secretary in killer black heels. Oh my. A fashion moment. She looked amazing, sleek, fashionable and oh so 'come hither'.  True class in a 5 foot 6" package and one of the most beautiful people (inside and out) I know. I felt like a proud mum on prom night.

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